CCNA Training

If you are looking for Australia’s most most effective way to get your Cisco CCNA certification, the best place to go is IT Futures.

The Official books for the training cost over $300. The exam it self costs $346. If you purchase practise tests, that’s another $120 each for a 30 day license. Next you obviously need some equipment to practise on. We don’t need to explain the cost of that.

Let’s add this up;

  • $300
  • $346
  • $120

Now that’s already $766.

At IT Futures, for just $1095, you get everything.

After the training, you will also get One on One time with your Instructor to set a plan of action to do your certification exam in the shortest time possible.

And finally, IT Futures will even book the CCNA exam for you with Pearson VUE.

To contact IT Futures about this great deal, call 1800 483 888 or email