ITIL Training

The IT industry in Australia is massive. When we say massive, we mean huge. Did you know there are more than 200,000 people working in IT? And it also pays well.

So with these 2 vital pieces of information, every thinks they can secure a good IT job. The problem is they can. But who will have a long term career? Who will be up for promotion? There is a problem with the IT industry.

Let us try to explain.

If you need some electrical work done, you will have to call a licensed Electrician. Even if your mate does the job, he will still need to provide a certificate.

If you have a baby and install a baby seat, you will need a RACV licensed and approved installer.

But, if you need your network setup or your operating system repaired, you can ring any one. Seriously.

So with this flaw in the system, of course every one can get into the field of IT.

But to really stand out and ensure your job is secure, we highly recommend becoming ITIL certified

ITIL is the Information Technology Infrastructure Library. In other words, it means you are competent in the IT industry’s terminology and know how to communicate it.

To get ITIL certified, you just need to pass a 45 question multiple choice exam and its costs $210 at IT Futures.

The exam will ask you to explain your understanding of the ITIL framework.

If you have read any books about the subject, you will be fine. They cost between $20 to $165.

If you have worked in IT for at least 6 moths you will do great.

But if you have done neither, we recommend taking the cheapest ITIL training in Australia.

For $795, IT Futures will provide you with

  • 2 days of classroom training
  • Your trainer is a ITIL expert
  • He has been teaching for over 7 years
  • You will be provided with after class support
  • Your exam fee is included
  • Free Class Retake if needed
  • 4 practice tests to try for 30 days

During class, IT Futures will give you a course book, printed slides, A3 posters to hang up at your office and the exam voucher.

After class, you have to ring the Exam Centre to book your exam. We recommend sitting the exam the following week since everything is fresh in your mind.

Once certified, you will be able to call yourself ITIL certified for 3 years.

Of course just like everything in IT, if anything changes, you will be offered the opportunity to upgrade to the newer version.