PRINCE2 Training

Why you should consider becoming PRINCE2® certified

The purpose of this article is to list the various reasons why someone like yourself should consider becoming PRINCE2 certified. The reasons given are general and can be applied to any person who is considering any certification.

  1. Industry standard
    In various industries, standards are created either by governments, councils, associations or corporations. In the world of Project Management, there are a few options. But one thing for sure is that PRINCE2 is the standard certification that is expected from Project Managers or other team members of a Project.
  2. Job advertisements request PRINCE2
    If you looking for work or are looking to move around, have a look at the positions that are advertised on various job sites around Melbourne;

    1. 336 jobs on
    2. 233 jobs on
    3. 298 jobs on
  3. Improve your Project Management skill set
    PRINCE2 is designed to make you think like a better and more successful Project Manager by providing you the framework to run your project. As the name spells out, Project Running IN Controlled Environments.
  4. Methodology not Instructions
    The idea behind PRINCE2 is to help you and your company become a follower of the PRINCE2 methodology. It is not a checklist for you to follow but a methodology for you to understand, comprehend and implement in all phases of your Project life-cycle.
  5. Works with any industry
    IT, Building, Accountancy, Exporting, Government. You name it, any industry that runs Projects, PRINCE2 is suitable. So if you are thinking of changing industries, PRINCE2 is the right certification for you.
  6. Affordable and not very time consuming
    PRINCE2 is one of the most economical and efficient industry certifications available. The classroom based training courses are run over the weekend and you will be ready to certify within the following week. This makes it very cost effective and quick return on your invest.
  7. Increase your pay
    If it’s a pay rise you are after, PRINCE2 can help you. As far certifications go, PRINCE2 is one of the most sought after certifications in the world. So when an individual is certified, he or she is in more demand than ever. And if you employer sees you are actively pursuing training and acquiring new skill-sets they may even pitch for the training and exam.
  8. Certified in less than 4 weeks
    So you spend one weekend in training, the second weekend studying and attempt the 90 minute exam the following weekend. Provided you pass, expect your results and your certification to be available within week 4. You can even sit the exam from home or your workplace.
  9. Global recognition
    Although PRINCE2 is created and used mainly in the UK, it is now famous all over the world and no matter where you travel, your newly acquired PRINCE2 certification will be in demand. It may even take you places.
  10. Australian organisations use it
    In Australia, companies such as Telstra, NBN Co, Toll Group, Nestle, Accenture, KPMG and many more utilize the PRINCE2 methodology. So if you want to work for these big boys, we suggest you get cracking on booking your training course immediately.
  11. Validation online
    And when it comes time to prove that you are certified, just send your Recruiter or your Human Resources person a link so they can search and find you.

Just provide them with your full legal name as displayed on your certificate or your candidate number. It really is that quick and easy to validate your certificate.

I hope this list has helped you and maybe even convinced you to become PRINCE2 certified. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact IT Futures.

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